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Listed below is our GuestBook.  Hopefully, you'll see some names that you know.

We DO collect email addresses from people when they sign the guestbook but they are NOT shown on this page.  If you see someone's name you recognize and would like to get in touch with them, please let us know and we'll send them YOUR email address if you'd like us to.  We LOVE putting old friends back together!

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Astacio, Rose Ann Bruno19841992Aug Week 11/26/2014
baudendistel, janetN/A19461982Jul Week 26/13/2011
Baudendistel, WarrenN/A19431980Jul Week 26/13/2011
Bonet (owner), Baustista (bob)N/A19972000Sep Week 44/11/2018
bonet, bobN/A20002000Sep Week 17/31/2013
Brimer, BobN/A19611964Staff11/19/2013
Carron, PeteN/A19381960Whole Season8/23/2010
Cipriani , KristiN/A19901997Aug Week 112/20/2016
Cusumano, JoeN/A19922000Aug Week 36/4/2011
Dalton, RalphN/A19701999Jul Week 212/16/2013
DeCristofaro, ReginaBasile19711978Aug Week 39/24/2016
DiamondI, WendyN/A19851996Aug Week 48/30/2015
ELLARD, KATHLEENN/A19711978Jun Week 48/3/2015
Ewing, Tom & teresaN/A19912000Jul Week 17/4/2014
Gallagher, DennisN/A19621966Jun Week 410/16/2014
Gerhard, AnnRiehl19501970Aug Week 29/30/2014
Ghignone, AlbertN/A19731979Jul Week 37/20/2014
Girgenti, JackiePinocci19701979Aug Week 11/16/2014
Gordon, BobbyN/A19681980Whole Season8/22/2010
Gordon, DorothyN/A19521970Whole Season9/22/2013
Gordon, RossN/A19521963Staff9/24/2013
Horling, Albert & LillianN/A19501965Jul Week 27/18/2013
Huffman, JayN/A19501980Whole Season10/28/2010
Huffman, RobertN/A19521983Staff8/26/2010
Huffman, WayneN/A19401983Whole Season3/10/2011
Johnson, Kenny & EllenN/A19862000Whole Season4/3/2011
kafafey, magedmljksmljks19501951Jul Week 37/26/2015
Kelly, Michael N/A19781995Jul Week 38/20/2010
Kelly, SandyWilliams19571991Aug Week 28/20/2010
Kopliner, PeggyPazdan19601970Jul Week 37/22/2013
Laemmerhirt, DeborahN/A19841998Aug Week 37/15/2017
linuci, barbarabutz19731978Whole Season10/28/2013
Lockyer, JohnN/A19521969Jul Week 48/21/2010
manthey, darrylN/A19561967Whole Season6/5/2013
Mckenna, LisaLisa Johnson19861992Whole Season4/4/2011
Murphy, ChuckN/A19561964Jul Week 22/18/2011
Neats, CarmenPascarello19681972Staff1/25/2011
Neats, Tom N/A19671973Staff1/24/2011
Oconnor, AngelaN/A19891992Jul Week 28/15/2014
Podesta, PattiN/A19551966Jul Week 18/4/2014
Pride, DebN/A19831986Whole Season8/21/2010
Pride, DebN/A19831986Staff4/28/2018
Pulito, MaryN/A19861999Jul Week 46/11/2014
Rattray, BobN/A19501962Whole Season8/31/2010
rattray, bobertN/A19501965Whole Season12/10/2010
rice, cedricN/A19501951Jun Week 46/24/2011
Riehl, ClaireMorange19581970Aug Week 29/30/2014
Schoch, AlN/A19741974Jun Week 33/18/2011
Schroeder, TriciaN/A19701984Whole Season8/3/2014
Serio, AlisaN/A19731986Jul Week 211/1/2014
Silverstein , Mary Giannetti19601973Jul Week 15/12/2011
Smith, EdwardN/A19671970Jul Week 12/12/2016
Straub, MerryPhillips19611968Jul Week 48/29/2010
sullivan, judith tilitz19581964Jul Week 110/17/2014
temple, seanN/A19821996Jul Week 27/7/2013
Treible, BonnieN/A19462000Staff11/10/2010
Warren, PattyEvoy19512000Jul Week 48/13/2010
Zabaga, Mary AnnLockyer19551987Jul Week 49/23/2014
Zabaga, PeteN/A19671987Jul Week 49/23/2014
Zilles, MaureenKinneen19501961Jul Week 47/22/2015

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